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Alex Pauwels
Tarot-Coaching And Tarot-Therapy

Worldwide online or in person on Fairs.

What is my journey with the spirituality?

Alex Pauwels, the journey from my appearance here on earth.

I was alone a lot as a little boy, but I already had a very strong connection with souls that I talked and played with.

It became so close that I asked what I should do at certain events, which started small and became bigger as I went to school and higher.

Until a cousin of mine died in a car accident, and then I started having questions. I was laughed at a lot by those around me, it wasn’t always pleasant, but it did strengthen me.

I let it rest for a while then, until I predicted many of the things we were experiencing in 2016.

Then I stopped doing many things that I was doing, I don’t regret it because I really like what I am doing now.

My soul wants to help and can help you.