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Medium reading - Email €60

A 3 – 5 card reading for to see what action you can take for your question where you question is.

You ask I answer, if you’ve a question about your love life and is the person in your life the soul that you like but what with a soul that I just met and that I so mush like?

In a 3 – 5 card reading can we more going in the depth than is the small reading and your question is more complex than you think. Why are some questions so complex, thats very simple because 1 question keep the other question alive and  kicking.

i send you a answer in 24 hours, you can also do a replay for more clarity.

Alex Pauwels Medium Reading

An Example

The card speaks, the 2 of coins, CHEVALIERDESPEE and the 10 of cups.

What teel this card us? Why is the horse and the page in the middle? And when is the outcome of cards 10 of cups?

If our question is “I met a new soul is this my new relationship”?

When we see to the centre of the cards “The Horse And the brother” is there a new person in our live that come like we some say “the price on the white horse” now the prince is a soul it can be a women or a man be.

He drives to the left site and look to our 2 of coins and thats look like a hook where you can hangen a lot of thinks on.

When we see to the right site where the page comes from you see 9 coins are perfect in line, and one is on the top of the rest.

You can also see that the top card is a ace of cups and the below card os a 10 of wands or the 10 of fire card.

Now like the most reader go from left to right but now we must look from right to left in the card because the page or brother is driving from right to leeft.

Ok, now what is the meaning of this spread? 

The woman or man that you have met come from a very emotional relationship and the ws a new beginning was started the one cup on top of that can you see as a ace a new relationship is coming and the 9 below is a sign that a new relationship is already born.

Hi drive to the left a relationship where money is not the most important think that matter but you need some money this it.

`you can also see on top is a ace of cups this card has a relationship with the card of the starting where there is also a ace on the top separated.

What mean the card below the 10 of wands or the 10 of fire?

There is a lot of passion in the time when you meet the woman or man that you have met and if you let the fire  does his job.