Read like a shadow

Alex Pauwels
Tarot-Coaching And Tarot-Therapy

Worldwide online or in person on Fairs.

Here I’m with a new interpretation about the cards the Marseille.

I like the way I read, learn and fall in love with my cards.

When you shake the cards and you do a layout and see 3 cards on the table and ask a question that you have in your mind and you talk to your cards I promise you that give you a clear and radiant answer.

How can I sure that the cards give me a answer thats the right answer on my question, all starts with a good question and not a cold reading (you not ask tell me somethings) a good question is for instance “is my father the right partner for me” and you see the lover the sun and the hanging man on the table. Than yes hi/she is the right lover for you the sun tell you love the time that you’re together, and the lover tell you hi/she loves you a lot but be careful maybe there’s a other person they is valour’s on your relationship, and the hanging man tell you see it is a other direction than just how you do it now do some other thinks find out what hi/she really loves and do it together and enjoy when you’re together.

The way you can read the cards is not just look card by cards but find out the story and that where I can help you you can book me for a reading and I explain all the cards thats fall on the table.

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