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Alex Pauwels
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Worldwide online or in person on Fairs.

Small reading - Email €30

This is a 3 card reading, you can ask 1 question about work, relationship, making important decisions ECT.. .

If you ask a question make a good question is the most important part of the game, be specifiek in your questioning if you are a designer or a chef, are you a man or a women thats make a big difference is the answer. 

I take 3 cards and send it to you, you send me whats your feeling and I give more advice what the cards mean and how you can Interpret it. 

i send you a answer in 24 hours, you can also do a replay for more clarity.

Alex Pauwels Small Reading
Alex Pauwels Small Reading

An Example

Let’s keep nd eye on the cards LEPENDV, LEMPEREVR and the LERMITE.

A very interesting feeling in the cards are dynamic and in depth emotions relationship.

A very common question is 

“What is my next level in my Job/Finance”.

Yes, you see the world in a upside down way and in a more powerful way.

When we see to the middle card the Emperor hi know what he want, and he encapsulate the job that he love he has a very powerful experience and is very good in his job.

It we see to the outcome “the HERMIT” this is a nine card a new time is coming a birth nine is the time a cild is birth you’ve nee opportunities in your job there is a new light on your job and new ways are coming in your finance ways.

A great time is coming in your work life.